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  • Where are Adam's Cookies made?
    All the cookie dough is made in my kitchen in Singapore and then freshly baked throughout the day.
  • Are our Cookies sutiable for vegetarians?
    All of our cookies are suitable for vegetarians, besides the S'morke which contain marshmallows that are made with Halal beef gelatien None of the cookies are vegan as we use dairy butter and only the freshest of eggs.
  • What Chocolate is used in our cookies?
    We use Patissie Artisan chocolate in all of our cookies. The cookies contain a mixture of white button, milk buttons and dark buttons.
  • How long do Adam's Cookies last?
    Best eaten within five days of purchase.
  • Are Adam's Cookies sutiable for Celiacs?
    Our Gluten Free cookies are made with Dove gluten free flour and gluten free baking soda and powder.
  • Can Adam's Cookies be frozen?
    Yes, most of our cookies can be frozen, The Chloe and S'morke are not recommended for freezing. We recommend freezing for no longer than 3 months.
  • Whats the best way to eat Adam's Cookies?
    At room temperature or slightly warmed. Why not try warmed with ice cream!
  • Are Adam's Cookies nut free?
    The "Everything box" contains two "Hazelnut Surprise Cookies" this cookie contains Hazelnuts. All other cookies are nut free, however the kitchen is not nut free.
  • Do our Cookies contain Alcohol?
    The cookies do not contain any Alcohol.
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